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Hunt small and big game in various regions across the globe. Each region is beautifully rendered in real-time adding to your hunting experience and the realism of your hunts. Enable real-time weather effects such as rain and snow, or increase the wind and see if your skills can still bag that buck!

A large collection of small and big game animals, as well as a variety of birds are available. All animals and birds can be added at anytime so you can tailor your system as desired. Whitetail deer, Pronghorn, Mountain Lion, Mallard, Turkey, Bison, Black Bear, Wild Boar and nearly 30 others including African trophy hunts!

HunterVR allows you to pull back the skin and reveal the vital organs for each animal, and the location of the perfect kill shot. An on-screen information panel can be displayed providing additional target information such as size, distance, and weight. A great option for practice or teaching shot placement to a new or young hunter.

A robust ballistics engine mimics the effects of various hunting rifles and the loads they support. Current weather conditions, wind speed, and wind direction are continually calculated as the bullet moves towards its target. Wind speed and direction of the crosswind can be displayed with the crosswind indicator panel at any time.

Get right into the action by selecting one of the available hunts, from the included hunt scenario library. Consisting of various scenarios you will be continually faced with more challenging situations. You can also choose a random hunt allowing for unlimited hunting excitement.

Whether you wish to use HunterVR for practice, hunter education, or just want to unwind with some family home entertainment, HunterVR has something for everyone. Select Game Hunt and you can begin unrestricted hunting with the same style of game play found in the arcades most popular hunting games.

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  • True Hunting Simulation for FoxFire
  • Hunting Simulation for FoxFire
  • Virtual Hunting Shooting Simulator

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