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Game Development

Sylinium Studios is the culmination of over thirty years of software design and development experience with a core focus on gaming. Our passion for game development is so strong when we’re not working on projects for clients we’re making our own. Over the years Sylinium has worked with many clients from startups to industry veterans, developing everything from coin operated games to casual desktop games for the PC. Our experience and proprietary development tools allow us to develop products for our clients faster and considerably cheaper than our competitors.  


We have experience working with existing teams to provide additional development support as well as providing full service solutions including design, artwork, and consulting. We stand behind all of our work and include post-development support with everything we develop, from three to six months and in some case up to a full year.


PC Games & Apps

Coin-Op Arcade Games

Mobile, Tablet, & SmartTV Games

Backed by over three decades of game and application development, Sylinium Studios has experience working on nearly every genre including casual games, puzzle, role-playing, first-person shooter, casino, simulation, multiplayer, and more.  Need a little help, we also specialize in creating development tools,  user interfaces, and content creation.

Sylinium Studios has worked with start-ups as well as veterans in the arcade and amusement industry in order to bring top-notch arcade games to the playing public. Our software integrates cleanly with all standard industry bill acceptors, coin validators, ticket dispensers, and more. We even developed our own line of arcade machine, FoxFire Arcade!

Utilizing our cross-platform engine architecture we can develop games and apps across multiple devices and platforms including Apple, Android, and Windows phones and tablets as well as the latest SmartTVs.


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