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FoxFire Arcade

The FoxFire Arcade system, an innovative simulator designed specifically for shooting entertainment and the amusement industry. FoxFire Arcade is completely customizable and can be setup as a dedicated machine for a single game or as a multi-game machine, allowing players to select from any game installed on the system. Operators can quickly and easily adjust pricing, ticket payout, run diagnostics, review and export financials, adjust attract mode settings, and more. FoxFire Arcade is completely scalable and can be installed as a standard upright machine or choose to break down the walls with our Boundless Arcade site integration, allowing for seamless displays as far as the eye can see. FoxFire Arcade can be linked together via Ethernet network for team or touranment play, all of which can be monitored and/or controlled by the operator from one control station. The FoxFire Arcade uses all standard industry hardware including bill acceptors, coin validators, ticket despensers, and more.

Standard Hardware Features

FoxFire Arcade Shooting SimulatorWarth FoxFire Arcade Game

Sports Shooting

2 Player


1 Player

Modern and stylish cabinet designed to provide a low footprint when installed


42" LCD, HD graphics, and premium audio come standard on all systems

Accepts standard coins/tokens. Bill acceptors and card readers also available

Multi-game configurable allowing players to choose from any game installed

Included components help protect against power surges and brown outs

Handgun or shotgun controllers available

1 or 2 player configurations available

Ticket redemption capable

Uses all industry standard parts

Networkable, control machine remotely

System Operator Features

Adjust pricing, free plays, and enable/disable player rewards, and more

Accounting feature tracks revenue by day, week, month, and year

Export financials into Excel or as a text document

Attract mode displays advertisements or messages when machine is idle

Adjust options and clear high scores for all installed games

Security alarm emits audible tone if tampering is detected

GameAnalyzer monitors game activity over time and reports suggestions on

Monitor and adjust all system options and features remotely via network

pricing for specific days to help maximize revenue

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