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FoxFire Home Entertainment

At last a shooting and gaming system designed specifically for hunters, target shooters, gun enthusiasts, gamers, or anyone wanting to enhance their current home theater or venue. FoxFire is suitable for all ages and has something for the whole family, from trap and practical shooting simulations to hunting pheasants or surviving a zombie apocalypse. FoxFire can be used with all the latest televisions* and projection displays and is designed to fit nicely with your existing home audio/video components. Games and training software can be configured and started from the central, easy to use, system interface which provides past scores, user favorites, and more for all FoxFire enhanced games and simulations. Put all your games in one place, just install your favorite PC-based games and have a custom icon appear right on the FoxFire home screen. Try FoxFire at your next party or corporate event, or engage in some friendly competitive shooting with family and friends. We didn’t invent home entertainment or the shooting simulator, we just perfected it!

FoxFire Home Shooting Simulator

* Some televisions require an anti-glare film or the use of our optical gun add-on

Train, compete, or just have fun, whatever you choose FoxFire has something for everyone. Select from an ever growing list of FoxFire shooting games and training software or install your favorite Windows-based game all from a centralized menu. Create a player ID and FoxFire will track all your scores, play history, shot tracking, and more! 

FoxFire has various shooting drills which will assist you in improving your speed, accuracy, and target acquisition right from the comfort of your home. Our shooting drills are presented in a fun and challenging way and is great fun for the whole family. FoxFire will even save your training history so you can see how your shooting has improved over time. 

Packages are available in various configurations from the basic system which allows you to use your own home PC, to FoxFire Elite, the ultimate shooting and gaming system perfect for a new or existing home theater or game room. Create your own package from the available software, hardware, and accessories. 

Practice or Play 

Level Up! 

Configure & Customize 

Hunt Today

Rain or shine, daytime or nighttime, hunting season is year round when using FoxFire. Choose from various hunting games such as mallard, pheasant, deer, rabbit, and more. If realism is what you crave then there is no alternative than our HunterVR hunting simulation software.


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